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Advantages of forging steel wire rope structure
Jul 12, 2016

First, forged wire rope is surface contact wire rope of a series, forged is divided into online forged and offline forged, after forged zhihou of wire rope more encryption real, has good of anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance; wire rope density coefficient more big, can greatly improve wire rope of broken broken pull, and wire rope surface more flat, and pulley round slot or reel round slot Zhijian contact surface more big; in multilayer winding of Reel equipment in the wire rope structure keep stable. Forging common wire rope structure: DD6*36WS+IWRC, and DD6*26WS+IWRC, and DD8*26WS+IWRC, and DD6*31WS+IWRC, DD6*19S+FC, DD6*29Fi+IWRC, and DD6*25Fi+IWRC more
Linear contact lay wire rope, compacted strand wire rope, forged steel wire rope-Groove interface comparison