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Model selection of wire rope for mine and attention
Jul 12, 2016

Selection of mine hoisting steel wire rope should be aware of the following points:
(1) caught in the mine shaft when used in water, high pH and serious due to corrosion, galvanized steel wire rope should be used.
(2) wear mine, with coarser outer steel wire cable contact with round strand and shaped wire rope or facial contacted wire rope as well.
(3) fatigue when the main reason for broken wire to wire rope damage, you can choose small inner and outer wire diameter difference of linear contact lay wire rope (which fill is good) or special-shaped wire rope.
(4) wire rope for mine hoist with twisted wire rope in the same direction as well.
(5) the excavation of shaft hoisting wire ropes, multilayer strand non-rotating wire rope should be used.
(6) the temperature is very high or open flames of coal waste piles and other hoisting wire rope, can be provided with metal core of wire rope.
(7) the wire rope guide rope-best selection of sealed steel wire rope. When you use other types of wire rope, with galvanized steel wire rope is appropriate.