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Rotary drilling rigs in use of wire rope should pay attention question
Jul 12, 2016

We usually by said of spin dug machine wire rope is a quality very high-end of wire rope model, zhiqian many spin dug machine accessories dealer will 35Tx7 called spin dug machine dedicated rope, in here we to corrected of is, domestic at this stage will 35WxK7, and 15xK7, this type of wire rope structure called spin dug machine dedicated rope, at this stage of for example mountain push pile workers, and xugong, and Germany baoe, and Yu pass heavy workers, and soil force mechanical, and rivers intelligent, and Foton lovol, and in the joint heavy section, and 31 heavy workers, and North traffic, and South car, and gold Thai, and The long river machinery manufacturers factory, new drilling Rotary drilling machines can be equipped with this type of steel wire rope, the Rotary drilling machine General continuous wire rope drill kilometers above is not a problem. But in wire rope used especially during the new deconvolution installation should pay attention: in order to prevent damage to the wire rope twisting structure should be used in the right way in order to prevent rope twist; in addition, steel wire rope to the device when the drum, be careful not to make the wire rope coated with sand to avoid increased wear, affecting the life of steel wire rope.