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Technical requirements of the electric wire rope hoists
Jul 12, 2016

Wire rope electric hoist more occasions is driving, such as lifting devices, typically, 3 ton travel hoist us we are 13mm the diameter of the wire rope, 5 tons crane wire rope electric hoist is equipped with a 15mm, while our country for these types of wire rope size (diameter) the most widely used or 6*37+FC steel wire rope structure. With the development of production technology of wire rope and wire rope technology, electric hoist rope on the increasingly high demand, without first required to meet safety and minimize wire rope diameter, reducing the wire rope diameter aims at increasing reel diameter and rope diameter ratio, increase pulley diameter and rope diameter ratio, so as to achieve enhanced fatigue resistance performance of steel wire rope. So, line contact wire rope 6*19S+FC, and 6*19W+FC, and 6*29Fi+IWR, and 6*36WS+FC and so on became has wire rope electric gourd of choice select, line contact wire rope in production process Shang of features is once twist business and into, wire diversified, weight silk, than traditional of points contact wire rope 6*19+FC, and 6*37+FC using life to high 2-3 times are more than, most important of is this class line contact wire rope model price than General rope your can't how many, But to achieve the good result, point-contact layer of wire rope laying process, and wire ropes are the same nominal diameter, often broken wires of wire rope, wire rope accidents are also frequent. Steel wire rope would suggest we wire rope used to phase out of the national points of contact wire rope, gradual transition to a special steel wire ropes selection, is a manifestation of progress for the industry.