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Test methods for stainless steel wire dimensions and determine the
Jul 12, 2016

Stainless steel wire stainless steel wire specifications detection in split-test, the detection of stainless steel wire using detection of mechanical properties and toughness of the steel wire is required.
Stainless steel wire diameter with a micrometer or Vernier caliper measurement, measured diameter is in the stainless steel wire of the same cross section perpendicular to the direction the last two times the arithmetic mean of the measured diameter. Twice the measured diameter is called the difference of the Ellipticity of the wire.
Stainless steel wire diameter detection can detect remove the zinc layer quality test (usually total: 10%) all of the wires, can also be dismantled after the nominal diameter of the wire in the same category after complete mixing, and then choose the appropriate amount of test wire. For stainless steel wire rope standards provided in the stainless steel wire ropes steel wire diameter tolerance.