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Why don't optimization of wire rope for mine to line contact structure
Jul 12, 2016

With the focus on coal mine work safety, as one of mine hoisting wire ropes selection and testing are very important, in particular to strengthen the inspection of wire rope wear. Because in most cases, wire rope for mine waste is often caused by wear, wear broken wires in wire ropes, or wire rope diameter thinning. States are unusual in mine safety regulations, braking wire rope diameter of hoist rope or narrow 10%, guide wire rope diameter contract 15% must be scrapped.
In the process of selection of wire rope for mine in recent years, many coal mines began to abandon the traditional point-contact wire rope, select step by step linear contact lay wire rope as a substitute product. 6*19S+FC, 6*36WS+FC linear contact lay wire rope structure was more widely used, before oil cord, use 6*19+FC, 6*37+FC, price is lower-cost but quality is not guaranteed, and the life, abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance than line-contact wire rope.