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Wire rope selection
Jul 12, 2016

Wire rope is a widely used in various occasions of consumable materials. Choose what kind of rope, use very critical. This material is from birth to the present, has also been a lot of improvements and changes. Alone development of surface coating, you can publish a description of thick textbooks. In General, this material has the following distinctive features.

First characteristic is specificity is relatively strong. Many people may think, a wire rope or rope, but also pay attention to how? The answer is. Such as coal and iron ore may want to use the traction rope is very different. Elevator cables and ropes in General will be more common.

Second, standard high not low. In other words, buy the load-bearing capacity of the rope can be used in traction and the load-bearing ability of the occasion. Special coating the rope can be used on ordinary occasions. But, in turn, is not established. In engineering, the thing is that we must avoid.