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Jan 06, 2017

Screw drivers wire rope must often be smooth, the best use of high viscosity oil cut or reduce the wire rope and pulley wheel groove and the groove drum wheel wear. Screw drivers are generally in the field operation, thus in the outdoor environment, the steel wire rope on body fat are often able to dirty mud, Shi Sha etc., once the glue these objects, wire rope and the wheel groove wear will intensify, so want to timely for wire rope appearance also tidy and smooth.


Belong to the consumable, wire rope wear for a long time, twists and turns, change, corrosion condition, the exterior steel wire is the simplest craze, originally simple internal kneading sometimes appear broken wires, these were usually simple staff to ignore, thus, it is necessary to cause enough attention. When appearance has a lot of steel wire rope craze may have a few stocks start cracking, it is necessary to think about replacement of wire rope; When the wire rope attack some significant state such as concave convex outside, this is the forerunner of wire rope broke, it is necessary to think about in line; When the wire rope for a change particularly fierce, and the external present many wire rope broken wires, think it is necessary to immediately change the rope; , etc.


So, rotating drill steel wire rope construction, it is necessary according to the operating rules strictly enforced, and maintenance and maintenance, maximum limit the performance of the steel wire rope potential use strength and life, reduce cost, construction safety, increase power.