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As Consumables, How Do You Decide What Needs To Be Replaced When Wire Rope
Jul 12, 2016

As a consumable, the wire rope is used no matter what the occasion requires periodic replacement. But how long will change, there is no fixed standard. This is mainly because different applications, different strength, able to maintain normal life is different. Experienced workers can accurately determine whether you need to replace, beginners can be judged according to the following characteristics.

The first is to measure the diameter of the wire rope. Each product has a specific specification, this specification is the diameter. Most of the rope under tensile stress is the main deformation is mainly dominated by increased length and diameter is reduced. Therefore, measuring the diameter of the rope is important on a regular basis as needed. Once found in some parts of the diameter change than code requirements, will be replaced in a timely manner.

Second method body viewing smooth degree. This rope is usually made of special weaving method. If you found some parts off of, is on the alert, it would be immediately replaced.