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Improving Security Management To Ensure The Crane Lifting Sling Safety
Jul 12, 2016

Sling manufacturing is not standard. At present, the enterprise use the sling into enterprise specializing in the production and made in two parts. Sling manufacturers specializing in the production of faulty products is an important contributory factor to accidents. Some Sling manufacturers not according to standard requirements and test products. For example: in 1999 a factory bought 8 for carrying 10 tons of circular welded chain, one in use suddenly breaks. After inspection, chain gap weld welding obviously, belongs to neither certification nor test and quality grade tags "three noes" products. While some companies buy Sling, and full use of the existing equipment and human resources, number of own manufacture process is simple and single Sling. Enterprise self-made slings, arbitrariness and blind large selection, determine the size and production methods, often depending on experience, manufacturing can be difficult to achieve quality and safety requirements. Such as: I plant in a workshop in 2000, forging a 2 ton small hook, because no national standard steel DG series (using a common 45# steel) manufacture, using the hook is pulled straight, hanging down, nearly causing casualties.

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