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Selection Of Wire Rope For Mine Structure Model
Jul 12, 2016

Selection of wire rope for mine structure models, first starting with the tensile strength of wire rope, under normal circumstances we choose strength for 1570MPa,1670MPa,1770MPa is appropriate, excessive impact on wire rope's tensile strength and toughness, low wear-resisting performance of impact tensile strength of wire rope;
Under normal circumstances, inclined wire we choose to wear and good flexibility, coarser outer steel wire ropes, if 6*7+FC, 6T*7+FC, 6*19S+FC, and 6*K7+FC, as well as triangle strand wire rope 6V*19+FC, 6V*18+FC;
Shaft hoisting wire rope requires less wear, requiring resistance to acid and alkali corrosive environments, so we can choose hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope. General shaft hoisting ropes we select the hot-dip galvanizing of triangle strand wire rope 6V*37+FC, 6V*34+FC and multilayer non-rotating wire rope 18*7+FC