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Sling Lifting Mode
Jul 12, 2016

Ensure the safety of personnel in the lifting process, pay close attention to and ensure the safety of personnel, must warn the person in a dangerous State, if necessary, withdraw from the danger zone immediately. Hands or other parts of the body must be kept away from Sling to prevent when the sling loose hurt. In the lifting process, must adopt the model lift must be in the model of lifting slings from the loosely hanging until the cable tight, load gradually was promoted to a predetermined position, is of particular importance in the basket hanging or free to tighten friction bear the load.
Control the rotation of the load if the load tends to tilt, you must down load, ensure that the load is restrained to prevent unexpected rotating load is guaranteed. Avoid rigging collision, drag, drag, friction, vibration and prevent damage to the rigging in hoisting, care must be taken to ensure that the load is restrained, flip or prevent accidental collisions and other objects. To avoid drag, pull or oscillating loads, if that would increase the force of rigging. If rigging when under load, or the load when the pressure in the rigging, not drag slings on the ground or rough surfaces.