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Slings Should Change The Extensive Management
Jul 12, 2016

Many lifting accidents are caused because the sling management in place. At present, about Sling safety management, the State still has not developed a unified management standards.
Different companies for rigging the maintenance, management, storage has not formed a complete system, the lack of appropriate safety management system, causes the rigging of safety management in a loose State. Sling for use Enterprise put into use, managed by the what, how long test once, who checks what needs repaired or scrapped, these would be impossible to implement. Resulting cannot detect and eliminate hidden dangers of rigging, some Sling long "in spite of running" until the accident. Furthermore, for production or operations, and did not implement people management, Sentinel storage. Who's who, after using litter, this makes the sling break chances. In addition, the driver's improper operation of cranes, cranes rise limiter caused Sling out of order is one of the most important causes of the fracture.