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Steel Wire Rope With A Small But Do Not Pay Attention To Will Be Out Of The Question
Jan 13, 2017

Items used are bound to use fixed number of year, general design of the hoisting machinery is not allowed to wire rope sling has infinite long life spans. Wire rope sling manufacturer analysis you do when you meet the following conditions of wire rope sling is the retirement age.


1, when the wire rope or its neighboring broken wires in a rope end, even if small Numbers also show that the section stress is very high, may be because the rope device is not correct, should find out the damage factors. If the cord length allowed, broken wires should be cut to reasonable device from scratch.


2, such as determination silk close together constitute part of the collection, the wire rope shall be invalid. Such as the collection of broken wires in the cord length less than 6 d range, may focus in a strand, so, even if broken wires less than table column value, set of wire rope shall be invalid.


3, used in some occasions, fatigue is the main factor causing damage to swage wire rope, wire break is the use of a period in the future to render, but add gradually broken wires, the time distance is more and more short. In this situation, in order to conclude that broken wires to add rate, should be careful inspection and records added broken wire in. "Regular" beg the question can be used to conclude that wire rope sling invalid date in the future.


4, if the rope strands of crack, the wire rope shall be invalid.


5, when the steel wire rope with a fiber core damage or steel core (or internal strand of multilayer structure) craze, constitute rope significantly reduced, steel wire rope shall be invalid.