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Wire Rope In Use Process Should Pay Attention To Matters
Jan 17, 2017
Wire rope in use process is strictly prohibited to use overtime and should not be affected by the impact, when strapping or lifting must be careful not to make the steel wire rope direct contact and fast mouth acute edges of the object, at their contact pad to wood, canvas, bag or other fast mouth lining in order to prevent the object edge damage steel wire rope and produce equipment and the accident of life.
Multiple strands of non-rotating wire rope should be cut in strapping prison again before cutting cutting, prevent outer causes because of cutting loose, affect the service life.
Wire rope structure, applicable pulley size is different also. General rope sheave diameter of 25 to 30 times, multiples a little bit small, soft hard multiples. Rope wheel are too small to shorten the service life of wire rope.
Wire rope in use process to keep the lubrication. Such as wire rope when lack of lubricating oil, should add lubricating oil.